Friday, March 19, 2010

Brief story of my family before I was born

My mother fell pregnant to me at the young age of 17. Her life as she knew it was about to change. This is the story of how I was brought into this world, from her world, of drugs, violence and crime. At a young age of 17 she was working as a lingerie waitress and a bartender in the city of Perth, Western Australia. She was heavily into partying and the fast side of life. Addicted to drugs at a young age and no real direction in life. At the time she was with my real father who was a major drug dealer in Perth and always getting himself involved in criminal activities. My mother was a problem child, having had not a great upbringing herself. Her older brother had died from leucemia at the age of 14 and it had torn her family apart. Her Samoan mother took my mothers other two brothers and her sister however my mother had decided to stay with her father. My uncles Bob and Marley (Fake names)and my Auntie Sue (fake) then lived with my grandmother. My grandmother was a hard women. After the death of her eldest son she had changed dramatically. She no longer cared what happened to the kids and let them run a muck. Sue picked up the guitar and became a wanderer playing as she went trying to make a living. Bob decided to try make something better out of life whilst trying to look after his mother. But Marley was the one that went off the rails. He got addicted to heroin and made his mothers house a drug spot. At the age of 19 he was first shot and was in a coma for several months.
My grandmother just turned the blind eye and still believes to this day he had been shot randomly riding his bike through the streets of Melbourne. It seamed that the whole family had fallen off the rails. My mother hadn't seen her brothers and sisters for a long time by this stage.
When she turned the age on 18 I was finally born. Within the next 3 years my father and my mother started going through troubles at that time, to me its all muttered speech and I don't know the whole story.. Yet.. I will come to this later on. They broke up and my mother took me away to Melbourne, I never saw or heard of my father again for the next 14.5 years.. There was one memory I have of him and that was when I was 3 years old and on a toilet talking to him through the door. It still is clear as day in my mind when I think to it now. We lived in Melbourne for awhile with my grandmother as Marley had moved from home and was nowhere to be found. The house was a violent place and my mother was still in a way, into the partying ways. My grandmothers husband or boyfriend at the time was a cruel Samoan man who would beat her and make her bloody and bruised. My mother told her time and time again to leave but she would not do it and insist that things would change. After months of living this life style, Marley turned up. Within a week my grandmothers husband/boyfriend was dead. It was a car accident that had happened and he had been crushed. My mother suspects this could have been the work of Marley but she never really goes into it with me, the whole subject is rather vague. Marley stayed around town awhile as the funeral went past and my grandmother fell into a great depression. Marley also had a son and his girlfriend had taken away her son from him as had my mother taken me away from my father. Marley had no idea in the world where they might be, or where to start looking. From Melbourne my mother left behind everyone else and had gotten wind of her sister Sue now living in Canberra A.C.T, my mother immediately moved to the quiet city and started up a new life. She had now left the drugs, crime and violence behind. Within a short while of living there she met my stepfather and joined a cult religion.
I will keep you posted with the next part in the next few days.

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